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Jordyn Wieber <3

She’s the defending world champion.  She’s third of the US Womens Gymnastics Olympians.  Fourth out of all the gymnasts there.

But she cant compete the AA Finals because her best friend, roommate, teammate, Aly Raisman, went last instead of Jordyn, and she got the higher score and knocked her out of the AA Finals.

Now, Im happy for Aly, but here’s the thing. The coaches put the weakest gymnasts first, and end with the strongest.  Jordyn wasnt an ‘anchor’ on any of the events, really, but the judges noticed that Aly went last, and thought maybe she deserved the higher score.

So, maybe if Jordyn had gone last, she might have made it.  Even if she went out of bounds, she was still amazing on all the events, and she is gonna kick ass in the team finals.  Which, by the by, start at 11:30.  Im off to stream that shit.


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